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The Squirrel’s Trail Quiz 1 of 10

The Squirrel’s Trail Quiz

Explore some of the hidden treasures of York Museum Gardens.

Follow The Squirrel’s Trail of 10 fascinating fact points! Follow the interactive trail by clicking the points on the map above and take part in our online quiz at the end.

How many answers will you get right?

The Squirrel’s Trail was devised as part of a North Yorkshire Business Education Partnership (NYBEP) initiative by students Alex Burton, Rachel Long, Ash Walker and Jodie Whitley from Archbishop Holgate’s School, York.

Produced for York Museums Trust’s Genesis programme.

Cup and Ring Stones

Q1 Where were these cup and ring stones found?

Willow-leaved Ash Tree

Q2 How tall is the champion Willow-leaved Ash tree in the Museum Gardens?

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Q3 How long can a monkey tree live for?

The Observatory

Q4 What is the time difference between York time and Greenwich Mean Time?

Ginko Biloba Tree

Q5 True or False? The Ginkgo biloba is widely used in herbal medicine.

The Hospitium

Q6 In which century was the Hospitium built?

Tansy Beetle

Q7 Near which river is the Tansy Beetle found?

St Mary's Lodge

Q8 When was St Marys Lodge built?

St Mary's Abbey

Q9 When was the Abbey founded?

The Yorkshire Museum

Q10 When was the Yorkshire Museum opened?

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